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About us

I am Corine Muijsson, founder of Sensi spa beach massage. I started working as a masseuse in the Netherlands in 2005, and started the salon at Cas Abou beach Curacao in 2010. For me massage is my passion and I still like the challenge of giving everybody exactly what they need by adapting the massage to their needs. The field of massage therapy is always evolving and there are always new things to learn. Throughout the years I try to keep developing my skills through courses, workshops, articles and exchange with colleagues. What I like the most about massage is to be able to really help people by relieving stress and/or pain in their body and mind.


The masseur(s) 

At Sensi spa we work together as independent professional massage therapists. All therapists are trained and experienced and share the same vision of Sensi spa: to give the client the best experience we can and to adapt to their specific individual needs in order to make the massage or spa treatment one they can indulge in with all their senses. We try our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible and are always open for feedback and suggestions to make your experience even better. At the moment the 4 other main massage therapists working with us: Daphney  Accean, Marcela Montano Mesa, Carolina Uriola Rangel and Gema Gasko. 


We offer several different massages, like swedish relax massage, sports massage, deep tissue, pressure point, scrub massage, or a combination. Please see our Spa menu for all our treatments and prices. The menu is a guideline and prices are based on the duration of the massage. Within the time its possible to suit the treatment to your needs. If a certain area of your body needs more attention (like many people the shoulder area or lower back) we will divide the time differently in accordance with you.

The oils we use are all nature based and consist of a carrier oil and a blend of several essential oils for the aroma therapy. You can choose what oil you like us to use for your massage. Because the oils are all natural they are also safe to leave on your skin after the massage (be aware they do not contain any protection for the sun) and they do not harm the environment and underwater life.

One of our favorite massage experiences is the couples massage: enjoy a full body relax massage together at the same time while lying next to each other. For couples, friends and family. Couples massages can also be book your couples massage right here.

You can also choose to upgrade your massage with an aloe vera face mask. Aloe vera has cleansing, purifying, hydrating and refreshing properties and is suitable for all skin types and just a wonderful way to cool down from the hot Caribbean sun. Upgrade is possible with any massage for only $10.  

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